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Welcome to Nebula Technology Alliance Program !

As the first SMB full-stack cloud networking solution, we are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve, making sure you have all the components you need for optimal performance. Nebula Technology Alliance Program is to bring together our technology partners across various vertical markets to offer a comprehensive suite of application-focused product offerings and services, integrated with Nebula Cloud Networking, to further help accelerate the development of market-driven solutions. We are dedicated to these partnerships and our customers to simply make this world a better, connected place !

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Nebula Technology Alliance Partners

Incorporated with Nebula Cloud Networking, Nebula Technology Alliance Partners provide a wide range of industry-tested products and applications for users across multiple vertical markets and geographical regions.

Spotty Wifi
Spotty Wifi

Spotty is the Marketing and Reputation Suite which will revolutionize the way you communicate with the customer.
In just one tool you can manage a database of profiled contacts, monitor customer satisfaction and online reputation, and plan targeted and effective marketing campaigns via e-mail, SMS or geolocated push notifications via the application.
A powerful marketing tool that will soon become a must-have for your business!

Sales/Support Contact Luca Baldazzi

Aiello Inc.
Aiello Inc.

Aiello is an AI startup focus on Natural Language Understanding SaaS platform for Travel and Hospitality industry. We target to provide AI services, such as ML NLU Voice technology and RPA to all the SMB in the hospitality, travel, health care and property management industry. We deliver AI services to help the SMB’s digital transformation.

Sales/Support Contact Uliya Liao

Wiflex – Your Secure WiFi onboarder
Wiflex – Your Secure WiFi onboarder

WiFlex is a cloudbased multi-tenant solution to onboard your guests and employees easily and secure on the WiFi. We use unique psk's (wpa2) keys for security. So no radius needed.

BYOD solution: Your users can login with Azure / Office365 / Gsuite and automatically receive a unique and secure WiFi password based on their security group. You can also assign different VLANs based on the security group.

Visitor registration: Visitors register on a tablet, receive a visitor badge and a unique WiFi password. Your employees receive a SMS/mail when his visitor is check-in. You have an overview of your current visitors.

One Click: With one click on a button on a tablet we create a unique WiFi password

Working on solution for room area networks (Hotels, student rooms, healthcare,...)

Sales/Support Contact Jonas Dekkers