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Welcome to Nebula Technology Alliance Program !

As the first SMB full-stack cloud networking solution, we are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve, making sure you have all the components you need for optimal performance. Nebula Technology Alliance Program is to bring together our technology partners across various vertical markets to offer a comprehensive suite of application-focused product offerings and services, integrated with Nebula Cloud Networking, to further help accelerate the development of market-driven solutions. We are dedicated to these partnerships and our customers to simply make this world a better, connected place !

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Nebula Technology Alliance Partners

Incorporated with Nebula Cloud Networking, Nebula Technology Alliance Partners provide a wide range of industry-tested products and applications for users across multiple vertical markets and geographical regions.

MobiMESH inPiazza
MobiMESH inPiazza

MobiMESH inPiazza is a complete platform for WiFi Engagement and Analytics. inPiazza delivers a top level WiFi experience for Guests and Staff users, with lots of authentication met hods and several third party/CRM/IDP
native integrations, advanced return management features and much more.
Every part of the Customer Journey can be easily managed, from the pre-login advertising campaigns to the multi-tier funnel to CRM onboarding, to the post login coupon delivery and Social Marketing.
inPiazza also incorporates ReConnect tools, to send messages and push notification upon actions in the physical venue, detected via WiFi activity. inPiazza can be provided as White Label platform for ISPs who want to provide a full stack network service.

Sales/Support Contact Stefano Napoli

Tiller Systems
Tiller Systems

Tiller Systems is a software company that provides a point of sale (POS) solution tailored for the hospitality industry. Their end-to-end cloud-based POS brings together on-site & online ordering, payments, analytics, integrations and more. Today, they help thousands of passionate entrepreneurs better build, manage and grow their businesses.

Sales/Support Contact Pierre Lombard

Blue Octopus Wifi S.L.
Blue Octopus Wifi S.L.

Global Cloud Platform for managing and controlling access to Guest WiFi environments with value-added layers for your business. The Octopus WiFi platform gathers information on the clients and their behavior, presenting usage analytics intuitively and offering advanced functionalities to design marketing campaigns and promotions.

Sales/Support Contact Marcelino de Miguel Fern√°ndez